Group Websites

A highly configurable custom website designed for Primary Care Networks, Clinical Commissioning Groups, GP Federations or any other organisation group.  Promote your Vision, Mission and Values through our agile, responsive content management system.

Group Website Pricing

There is no additional cost for group functionality, contact our team to get a price for websites for your group. 

What is Group Content Management

My Surgery Website are the first company to build this technology which allows us to connect together any website within your network. Connecting websites together allows central administration of content reducing the administrative burden on individual practices. Gone are the days of group admins having to update each site independently.

What are the benefit to my network

Once all your websites within your network have been connected, they will be able to deploy News, Blogs, Content Pages and much more to all the websites in the network. They will be able to create bespoke group forms and process patient responses on behalf of the practices.

What are the benefits to my practice

Practice Managers and practice staff are very busy people and many practices don’t have the time to update their own website. Practices no longer has to update many aspects of their site as it can all be centrally managed. For example, your PCN may create or update some Social Prescribing content and deploy this update to your website without any user intervention.